Top 15 Selected! Congrats to the Top 15! Now they’re just a step away from becoming the Startupper of the Year or Top Female Entrepreneur in their country. All 15 will pitch their fantastic projects to the jury. Good luck to each of them! Come back in four weeks to find out who the final winners are.


Sorted by alphabetical order of the last name

E-Scola is an educational platform offering teachers a wide range of crowd-sourced content, and allowing them to receive instant feedback from students in order to improve their teaching method!

It doesn't matter who you are, you & I breathe the same air, use the same water, & drive on the same roads. Scarubber sets to make our air cleaner, water purer, & roads safer. The recycling facility turns waste tires into rubber used in asphalt.

youth are the change makers, we should as a part of Lebanese community to drive their own skills toward a maximum level for being an active citizens, our project is based on building skills and community exchange between youth for a better future

Live Love Recycle is a new social an environmental project that allows users in Beirut to recycle for free.

WeGlo is an affordable smart-watch that continuously monitors glucose concentration in a non-invasively using RF technology and can accurately predicts hyper/hypoglycemia and notify the patient of any potential deadly strokes through an alert system

B.O.T bridges skilled youth from marginalized communities with organizations in need of quality assured digital services in Data Entry, E-commerce Listing, Call Center Support and AI Training Data. The QA is done through in-house technical experts.

A secure platform that helps providing blood units for patients in need, with the help of volunteer donors. Both parties will have their privacy & confidentiality guaranteed, and can track the donation progress on a timely manner.

Buildink's world's first concrete 3-D printer enables delivery of single-story homes in one week using our environmental friendly proprietary signature concrete mixture, reducing the total construction time by at least 75%.

Koullouna is the Lebanese box with impact: it is a box, delivered monthly to your doorstep, containing 6-7 products made in Lebanon along with the stories behind them, and 10% of the box's price is dedicated and donated to the initiative of the month

Dr. Leda is an online anonymous affordable counseling platform. It links patients with professional counselors through texting, voice calls and video calls for pricing rates ranging between 20$ and 40$.

Elixir aims to change people's lifestyle and make sure this transformation outreaches the society on different aspects, regardless of the citizen's age, social class or state.

is a game based interactive platform, that permits parents to order with their children, food tailored to the nutritional needs to each of them, from the school’s food court. It also contains incentives for children to order healthy food and learn fi

At Find A Nurse, we aim to organize the informal home care sector by using technology to improve families' access to qualified caregivers who in are, in turn, given enhanced access to flexible employment opportunities in healthy working conditions.

The project aims to help citizens use ferries on the coast to transport citizens / tourists to / from their homes to their jobs, or to main attractions, along with the ferries, mini busses to centers of each destination.

YallaBus is a platform that aims to revive public transport in Lebanon. Using GPS technology, the app enables users to reliably commute with buses by providing them with real-time directions; while improving the sector and helping it grow.