Top 15 Selected! Congrats to the Top 15! Now they’re just a step away from becoming the Startupper of the Year or Top Female Entrepreneur in their country. All 15 will pitch their fantastic projects to the jury. Good luck to each of them! Come back in four weeks to find out who the final winners are.


Sorted by alphabetical order of the last name

Recycling of plastic waste into Eco-friendly poly-sand paving blocks, roofing tiles and posts to solve the problem of plastic pollution and deforestation, and creating employment for the marginalized in society.

In striving to improve the economic well being of many zambians, i recognise the need to develop business opportunities in the forestry sector by growing tree seedlings and establishing plantations for future supply of timber and poles.

The use of Expanded Polystyrene concrete blocks and panels and the Aircrete light blocks and panels will see the provision of affordable housing,availability of schools and clinics in rural areas.project promotes affordability and recycling waste.

Lilies Natural Dish Washing Liquid is a product made from naturally derived ingredients. It is thick, high foaming and does not irritate the skin and does not contain ingredients that contaminate the environment or those associated with cancer.

Zambia is facing drastic negative climatic and bio-diversity changes due to deforestation by charcoal burning. The Nadi Charcoal/Twigs stove has the potential to help reduce these challenges by cutting down household charcoal consumption by 75%!

Aquaponics is a bio-integrated system of producing both fish and vegetables simultaneously. The system has huge potential in reducing urban hunger because it is replicable in urban gardening settings that do not require plenty of space

Kozo Girls seeks support to provide livelihoods to more young Zambian women to make reusable menstrual 'Kozo Pads', and to provide Kozo Pads free of charge to as many school-age girls in Zambia as possible.

Mulungushi fisheries is a community initiative that is promoting decent employment and enhancing women participation in aquaculture by growing fish using cost effective methods such as cage culture along the Mulungushi river in Central province.

In a country with little to no support for mental health, we are breaking ground and bringing hope to teens with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses through grass-roots counseling and awareness . We are here to say You Are Not Alone.

Mecco Recycling is a youth led Zambian-owned recycling company. We currently purchase and collect used plastic bottles and cardboard from the city of Lusaka to be sold to larger recycling plants. Our aim is to create a cleaner and greener Zambia.

eBoku is a platform that serves to improve information delivery and access to mental health services. We aim to bridge the gap in providing affordable &/ accessible mental health services to the general public.

Tricyclers will collect recyclable material, breaks or melts it and moulds it into paving stones that last longer than the cement paving stones and also make house bricks which will be used to build houses for the poor communities.

Our project is rooted in making agro inputs accessible to rural farmers, especially those under the government subsidy program called the farmer input support program. The target are farmers in distant area where access to agro inputs is limited.

Ziba Knowledge Discovery is a platform created to allow youths in remote areas of Zambia access to resources that allow them to discover and pursue new skills through technology.

the project will provide teller made farm development services and skills training to farmers using multimedia platforms.