Winners revealed! Congratulations to the winners, the Top Female Entrepreneur and the Grand Regional Winners! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this Challenge a success! Come back to the website regularly for more information on the next Challenge.

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Sorted by alphabetical order of the last name

PNEUPUR is specialized in the recovery and recycling of old, nonreusable tires through the production of a second raw material. A material with which it manufactures 100% ecological sports surfaces and recreational flooring

We aim to create 30 direct jobs, more than 1,200 indirect jobs within 2 years and make an estimated 30 million in revenue in the first year, and 45 and 60 million in the second and third year respectively.

With 1 in 20 youths at risk of drug abuse, HILPharma offers customised medication safety training and drug cessation assistance. We operate via a strong digital presence (web, social media, app), onsite training, and networking with health actors.

Akoum, a digital directory of local products, responds to the need for visibility of local Cameroonian products.We want to create strong momentum for the Consume Local Cause in order to support the local economy.

My project consists of the manufacture and marketing of natural and organic cosmetics. Paraben-free and silicone-free products that highlight Cameroonian expertise. Cosmetics that are respectful of human health and the environment.

HOGA is a virtual agricultural extension worker who uses a local dialect to lead farmers to increase their production by applying modern methods and techniques on their farms.

Most Cameroonians face a major challenge of searching/sorting for desired items when shopping from imported second hand goods markets. Muyang Corner provides a well-designed and categorized ONLINE virtual market for the sales of second-hand goods.

Jardinius is a mobile app that interacts with big data related to climate, collected in real time, to raise awareness about climate change and encourage intelligent gardening.

Waste software engineering promotes clean towns and cities by monitoring the location and emptiness of garbage containers, while simultaneously cutting costs and networking waste collectors, pickers, and recyclers together.

The Winlow generator is an automonous green energy device which produces energy by the free energy concept. It also can be coupled with other existing sources of electrical energy such solar panels, wind turbines hence acting as a powerbank.

WalletAfrica provides Cameroonians with a tool for creating and financing revenue-generating micro-projects worth up to 100,000 CFA francs, via mobile money from a large network of contributors.

In our country (low doctor/patient ratio), facilitate online consultations of patients by doctors via a mobile app and SMS platform to respond instantly to health concerns 24 hours a day.

Our project aims to train at least 300 young people annually on innovative marketing, environment and development topics, and professionally integrate 75% of them or support them in their entrepreneurial projects.

GICMED is a social venture that seeks to reduce deaths due to breast and cervical cancers, through an innovative robust telemedicine platform and a smartphone digital microscope, which permit remote diagnosis for women by Medical Specialists.

Thamani Health (Precious health) is a web and mobile app that allows users to take care of themselves and their loved ones by bringing them closer to qualified health professionals while educating them about primary health.